After 30 years, it’s nice to know that a couple of people actually
appreciate what you do – and they’re willing to admit it in public.
Mark Galarneau “Creative. Strategic. Prolific. Personable. Clever. Creative. Intelligent. Passionate. Creative. Brilliant. Quick-witted. Did I mention creative? If your advertising needs a shot of adrenaline and memorability, you can't do any better than working with Bob. I've partnered with him for 20+ years and have never met anyone in the ad business that is more talented. Honestly. Put your brand in Bob's hands.”

Mark Galarneau
Owner, Creative Director of Galarneau & Sinn, Ltd
Colin Jordan “Bob has got to be one of the best in the business. I have worked with a multitude of marketing and advertising professionals over the years, but there is only one creative advertising name I would ever recommend to anyone and that is Kilburg & Associates. Bob and his team produce the most original, impactful creative you could ever ask for. His experience in the industry speaks for itself and the extremely talented team he has assembled around him is a testament to the fact that Bob knows how to succeed. His impact goes far beyond just the ad he is creating as well. Bob really wants to do whatever is in his power to help grow your business and see a successful campaign bear fruit. He understands business and the idea of growing successful products/services together, rather than some who just care about a one-time paycheck. It would be a disservice for me to not say it again, if you are looking for creative advertising there is only one name I would ever dare to recommend and that is Kilburg & Associates.”

Colin Jordan
Senior Manager Corporate Communications at Egnyte
(pictured with Egnyte CEO Vineet Jain)
Bob Sarlatte “Bob Kilburg is a terrific combination of talents: an excellent writer, director, and all-around producer who brings out the best in people both professionally and personally! I have worked as both voice and on-camera talent for Bob in a myriad of projects; he has a terrific sense of humor and timing, knows how to get things done, and is a joy to be around. He does everything well, with an attitude that makes you want to do your absolute best too!”

Bob Sarlatte

Principal at Sarlatte, Inc.
Commercial Voice Actor/Comedian/Emcee
On-Field Voice of the San Francisco 49ers
Shaun Del Grande “Bob is an incredibly talented Creative Director. He gives great guidance, helps us to make good choices and definitely thinks outside of the box. He certainly puts the fun back in advertising!”

Shaun Del Grande
President at Del Grande Dealer Group
Mike Fischer “Bob Kilburg's work is unique in the way it combines completely wild out-of-the-box creative thinking with execution that is targeted like a laser beam on my marketing message. It's rare to find a creative who can bring together the logical and the magical in advertising, but Bob always manages to make it happen.”

Mike Fischer

Vice President, Digital Music & Video at Amazon
Former Director of Marketing at Namco Hometek Inc.
Matt Levine “Bob is a source of inspirational creativity, bringing out the best in others, approaching problem solving from a fresh vantage point and translating insight into durable solutions.”

Matt Levine
Acclaimed sports business/marketing strategist, tech/sports innovator, expert witness, public speaker – one of the founders of the NHL’s San Jose Sharks
Malcolm M. Bordelon “I've had the pleasure of working with Bob Kilburg for the past 15 or so years. I always look forward to our meetings with Bob. He brings a burst of energy to the room, and certainly to the creative process. He respectfully challenges your thinking, while still being an active and intent listener. Bob is superb at taking your stated objectives and blending them with an outside perspective to arrive at any number of creative marketing and messaging solutions to advance your business. He possesses a keen talent that creates sound ideas that build your brand and sell your product. He doesn't just produce cool creative for creative’s sake. Rather, cool creative that works, that gets the job done. Bob also provides excellent production management, including talent and camera direction. If I was as good at writing endorsements as Bob is at creating great and effective advertising, you would have called him by now to discuss your business.”

Malcolm M. Bordelon

Former Vice President of the San Jose Sharks
Roger S. Sanford “I knew Bob Kilburg before he became the Bob Kilburg! In my over 20 years of experience in marketing I have never known anyone with Bob's level of originality, wit and spontaneous combustible creativity. Kilburg can create incredibly memorable and compelling campaigns that reverberate. In other words, this guy can really sell stuff!”

Roger S. Sanford
Dean of e-Marketing University of Santa Clara Leavy School of Business and retired CEO of P3M
Dick Ervasti “Let's face it, there are multiple information explosions out there, and each one has a message. How do you cut through the clutter and stand out? Your messaging needs to have a distinct personality of its own without getting in the way of the brand. How many spots have you liked but you could never remember what the ad was for? The solution is simple: Get Bob Kilburg to do your advertising! I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Bob on numerous campaigns over the years, and he always delivers beyond the performance and results the client expects. Once you procure Bob Kilburg as your creative force, you will keep him for life. I strongly recommend Bob Kilburg for your next project. And the one after that, and the next one, and, well, you get the picture.”

Dick Ervasti

CEO of Jasper Multichannel LLC, and one of the world’s greatest voiceover actors
Mary Dilts “Bob is creative, brilliant, professional and fun. It is always a delight to work with him!”

Mary Dilts
Independent Media Production Professional
Matt De La Rosa “Bob Kilburg is by far one of, if not the most, creative individuals I have worked with in my career. The direction and vision he possessed on projects that we collaborated on at the Del Grande Dealer Group were extraordinary, and the content he puts out for the San Jose Sharks commercials is amazing. There is no one else that I would choose to work with in a creative setting other than Bob and also no one who taught me more about advertising and messaging than Bob did in my time working with him at DGDG.”

Matt De La Rosa

Editor at Ultimate Fighting Championship – formerly with DGDG.COM
Mike Cobler “There are two, and only two, types of people: those who get it, and those who don’t. Bob gets it with a correspondingly high level of execution. Never less than fun working with Bob.”

Mike Cobler

Owner, MTC management & founder of Togo’s
Jill Zook “Bob Kilburg is an extremely talented creative director. He has a keen sense of what resonates with every target audience – from diehard gaming, teenage boys to the CIO of a Fortune 500 company – and he knows how to connect with a consumer. Bob possesses an uncanny knack for breaking through the category clutter with compelling creative.”

Jill Zook

Director of Client Services at Pickett Advertising
Roger Krakow “Bob's a little twisted sometimes and I mean that in the nicest possible way. He is a great ad writer because he goes for the unexpected in subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways. He also has a great eye for visual esthetics. The results are always memorable.”

Roger Krakow

Co-Owner, Rough House Editorial & Compression Group
David Porter “I have worked with Bob on numerous commercial productions for television, radio and corporate media. Bob has been both my client and my vendor. Always ‘on’ when it comes to creative insight and brings way more to the production than a great voice or a script. He understands what the client is looking for and communicates that message without imposing his ‘will’ on the process.”

David Porter

Partner at Daiport LLC – former president of The Music Annex
Geoff Westerfield “Bob Kilburg understands us and understands our business. He gets to the bottom of what we want, and need, to communicate. He never fails to provide appropriate and fresh messages that break through the clutter and resonate with customers. Quick, adaptable and smart – a joy to work with (and a damn fun guy to boot!). Most importantly, his stuff works!”

Geoff Westerfield

Former Vice President of Marketing at ComputerWare
Joey Jodar “Show me another copywriter who is as eager to please as Bob Kilburg. He gets the big idea and how it'll help your business. Whether it’s print, packaging, TV, or radio, Bob understands what motivates today's youth.”

Joey Jodar

SVP, Managing Director,
Former Creative Director at The 3DO Company
Ralph Giuffre “Bob is the most creative person I've worked with in the past 20 years.... and his creativity is always on strategy!”

Ralph Giuffre

Former Vice President of Marketing at Accolade, Time Warner and The Walt Disney Company
Trip Hawkins “I have enjoyed working with Bob Kilburg on multiple occasions. He's intelligent, creative, and funny.”

Trip Hawkins

President & Founder of The 3DO Company
Jeff Forestier “I've had five jobs in my life. Bob has been involved with three. Each of those was enormously successful. The other two weren't fortunate enough to have his involvement. I have been associated with Bob for over 15 years, working together at three different companies. He is the first person I call when I need creative talent or a substantial improvement in creative direction and positioning. Additionally, his strategic capability is equal to his creative talent.”

Jeff Forestier

SVP, Managing Director,
Managing Director at Regent Pacific Management Corporation